We are not a traditional church! Sundays are a real mix of activities, so you’ll need to refer to the Programme each week, to see what we’re up to and where. Here are a few of the things we do:

Sunday worship meetings – A coming together of the whole church to spend time worshipping God, praying and hearing from him. We love it when we have a special encounter with God through prophecy, healing or other gifts of the Spirit. We meet at Pershore Library at 10.15 for refreshments, the worship starts at 10:30am. Children and young people have their own groups during the morning.

Inside out Sundays – We believe it is important to get out and serve the community, so on some Sundays that’s what we do. Instead of meeting at the Library, we’ll go out and work on two or three projects, helping local people. It usually involves decorating, clearing gardens and fixing things! If you would appreciate our help, or know of someone who would, please get in touch.

Community Sundays – Meeting away from the Library, we might have breakfast together, go for a walk or enjoy a picnic in the park. We are firmly committed to investing time in building friendships with each other - our Community Sundays are not an add-on, they are a key activity for us to build community.

Other Salt & Light churches – occasionally we go to other local churches, like City Church Worcester and Colwall Community Church, to encourage and build relationship with the wider family who support us in Pershore.